7"Dia. Curve Reduced Expanded Chrome Exhaust Stack

⚠ Please Note: The pandemic brought the American steel industry to its knees last spring, forcing manufacturers to ... More Details

7 inch Curve Reduced Expanded


  • High Quality Chrome Finish
  • Polished Smooth Surface
  • Multiple-pass Cleaning Treatment
  • Slides Over 5" Outside Diameter Elbow

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Model No.:207D-LLL-1103
ManufacturerLincoln Chrome
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Exhaust Stack Tip & End

curve stack

⚠ Please Note: The pandemic brought the American steel industry to its knees last spring, forcing manufacturers to shut down production as they struggled to survive the imploding economy. But as the recovery got underway, mills were slow to resume production, and that created a massive steel shortage.

Domestic steel mills that idled furnaces last year amid fears of a prolonged pandemic-induced economic downturn have been slow in ramping up production, despite a recovery in demand for cars and trucks, appliances, and other steel products.

The delays in stack production can be significant and it is possible those delays might cause an extended lead time of 5 to possibly as much as 6 weeks for 5", 7" and 8" stacks. 6" stacks seem to have been impacted the hardest with lead time that could be as high as 8 weeks.

We do apologize and hope this will not stress you. We will keep a close eye on production.
-True Support Team

7" diameter "Made in America" Chrome Truck Stacks with a Curve tip and Reduced Expanded End. Choose lengths from 30" to 120" (2.5 to 10 ft.).

The exhuast stack uses a flawless material thats meets a standard twice that of ASTM specifications. The stack material undergoes multistep polishing for a smooth surface, a multiple-pass cleaning treatment, a three layers of nickel plating for improved adhesion and corrosion resistance and, finally, a layer of chrome.

Note: Reduced Expanded end has a 5" inside diameter (slides over 5" outside diameter elbow).

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Customer Review

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Hi Frank yesterday i recieved my stack i purchased. It was packaged really good no damage and looks amazing. Thank you very much and we will be doing more business in the near future. Here is a pic of the 7 inch stack I ordered. Looks great and sounds amazing thanks again just figured give feed back.

Exhaust Stack

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