Chrome Exhaust Stacks Technical

Plain End designates 6", 7", & 8" outside diameter stack (works with seamless design elbow). Reduced Plain End stacks are reduced to 5" outside diameter (slides into muffler). Expanded End fits over 5", 6", 7", & 8" outside diameter Stacks. Reduced Expanded End is reduced to 5" inside diameter (slides over 5 inch outside diameter elbow). Chrome Stacks ranging from 5" up to 8" are Made in USA while the 10" Stacks are Made in North America.

Note: Plain end has a 5" outside diameter. Expanded end has a 5" inside diameter.

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Chrome Stacks End Type Diagram

Type of Tips

MiterCurveBullhornFlat TopShort 30West Coast CurveDiablo

Type of Ends

PlainExpandedReduced PlainReduced Expanded