Security Battery Locking Bar

Note: For Battery Locks 1, 2, and 3. Measure your battery width to make sure of fit. Batteries get switched and are not always the correct size for the vehicle.

Security Battery Locking Bar


  • Secure Battery from Thieves
  • Solid Frame 1/8" Steel
  • Self Locking Lock
  • 7-Pin Tubular Security Lock with Over 7,500 Possible Combinations

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Note: In most cases you will not need these. You would use the ones you already have.

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Model No.:XLT-21
ManufacturerBig Truck Locks
Warranty1 Year
Returns30 days w/ 25% Restocking Fee

Anchor Bolt Set & Steel Sleeves

Keying to Previous Order:

To Key your lock order to the same as your previous lock orders, you must choose Keyed Alike and write, "Please Key to Previous Order RC########" (where ######## is your 8 digit sales Order Number of your first lock order) in the Customer Msg box.

Note: Always refer back to your first lock order so all new orders will be keyed to that first order. We will try to check that your keying instructions are correct, but this is only a courtesy. You are still responsible. DO NOT USE YOUR KEY CODE.

Install locking bars to secure your battery from thieves. Each locking bar is precision cut from 1/8-inch steel. The lock is equipped with a spring loaded bolt adding strength and a self-locking feature.

Battery Locking Bar Sizes

  • 10 ½"L x 2 ½"W x 1 ¼H" - 1 Battery Locking Bar XLT-21
  • 16 ½"L x 2 ½"W x 1 ¼H" - 2 Battery Locking Bar XLT-22
  • 23"L x 2 ½"W x 1 ¼H" - 3 Battery Locking Bar XLT-23
  • 29"L x 2 ½"W x 1 ¼H" - 4 Battery Locking Bar XLT-24

New Battery Locking Bars

  • Battery Locking Bar for Cascadia With Batteries Under Cat WalkXLT-25
  • Battery Locking Bar for Isuzu Mitsubishi GM and HinoXLT-26

Other Features

  • For truck or construction equipment
  • Includes (2) Keys, you can order keyed alike for fleets
  • Spring Loaded For Added Strength and Security
  • High Quality American Made Product
  • Installation is easy as tightening a few bolts

Battery Locking Bars

Very easy to install. Simply remove the top hold down frame on your battery and replace it with the Battery Lock, using your original Anchor Bolts.

Security Battery Locking Bar