6"Dia. Turn Out Expanded Chrome Exhaust Stack

6 inch Turn Out Expanded Made in America Chrome Stacks


  • High Quality Super Premium Chrome Stack
  • 3 Layers of Nickel Plating and Double Chrome
  • Multistep Polishing for Smooth Surface
  • Mirror-like Chrome Finish

NOT "Made in USA". High Quality Super Premium Stacks are Chrome plated with Triple Nickel and Double Chrome.

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ManufacturerAmerican Chrome
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Exhaust Stack Tip & End

Turn Out stack

High Quality Super Premium Stacks for your Trucks! With it's triple nickel and double chrome plating, you'll get a brilliant long lasting shine and rust/corrosion resistance.

Choose chrome stack lengths from 36" to 60"! Chrome Exhaust Stack Turn Out tip and Expanded End has a 6" Inside Diameter.

The exhuast stack uses a flawless material thats meets a standard twice that of ASTM specifications. The stack material undergoes multistep polishing for a smooth surface, a multiple-pass cleaning treatment, a three layers of nickel plating for improved adhesion and corrosion resistance and, finally, a layer of double chrome.

Note: Expanded end has a 6" inside diameter.

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