Heavy Duty Pin and Bushing Adapter

Heavy Duty Pin and Bushing Adapter


  • Axle Position: Steer, Drive, Trailer
  • Requires 10,000 PSI Hydraulic Pump
  • No Need to Remove Suspension
  • Reduce Shop Time 70%

STEP 1: Select Axle Position

NOTE: Some Adapters May Work on Other Applications and Axles

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Adapter will show up here after you search it below.

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Returns20% Restocking Fee - Unused Product
30% Restocking Fee - Failure to obtain an RMA/RGA
Warranty2 Years

Remove and Replace Pin and Bushing w/o Removing the Suspension. Choose more than 20 different adapters and with new ones being developed all the time. There simply isn’t a more comprehensive solution for servicing pins and bushings than the Tiger Tool 15000 and the 15099 Pin and Bushing Service Kits.

To be used with Pin & Bushing Service Kits.

All of the adapter kits are available separately, saving you money and ensuring you only purchase the components needed in your shop.

What You Need:

  • One of the Pin and Bushing Adapter Starter Service Kits
    • 15000 Kit: Everything you need except a 10,000 PSI Pump and Specific Pin and Bushing Adapters. This is the Primary Started Kit and Includes the 20 Ton 17202 Hydraulic Cylinder.
    • 15099 Kit: 15000 Kit less the 20 Ton 17202 Hydraulic Cylinder. This is the kit to purchase if you already have the 20 Ton 17202 Hydraulic Cylinder.
    • 10731 Kit: Upgrade the 10730 Kit to the 15000 Kit. This is the Kit to purchase if you already have the 10730 Freightliner Airliner and Peterbilt Low Air Service Kit.
  • The Specific Adapter/s for the particular Pin and Bushing models you need to remove and replace. Use the Quick Select Adapter above to find your adapter fast. You can also use the 15000 Adapter Cross Reference.

Other Features

  • Made From High-grade Metals for Strength and Durability
  • Black Oxide Finish
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Easily Remove and Install the Pin and Bushing While the Suspension Remains on the Vehicle

Servicing Freightliner Airliner & Peterbilt Low Air Leaf Pin and Bushings using Tiger Tool 15030 (3.43 Min)

Universal Pivot Pin Extractor Adapter 15060 (2.18 Min)

Neway AD Front Pivot Bushing Adapter 15081 (.59 Sec)

Hendrickson FIREMAA PRIMAAX Bushing Adapter 15042 (2.06 Min)

Tiger Tool 15000 & 15030 Freightliner Airliner/Peterbilt Low Air Leaf Pin & Bushing Adapter (2.17 Min)

Pin & Bushing Adapters

  • Front Suspension Adapters
    • 15004 Kenworth Pin and Bushing #5296, #5295 Adapter
    • 15005 Kenworth Pin and Bushing #B13-1002, B65-1008 Adapter
    • 15006 Kenworth Pin and Bushing # B65-1001 Adapter
    • 15007 Kenworth/Peterbilt Pin and Bushing # B65-6005 Adapter
    • 15008 Kenworth Pin and Bushing # B65-1012 Adapter
    • 15009 Kenworth Pin and Bushing # B65-1006 Adapter
    • 15010 Peterbilt #02-01805 and International #1680034C1 Adapter
    • 15011 Kenworth/Peterbilt Pin and Bushing #B65-1013 Adapter
    • 15015 Mack Pin and Bushing #10QK254M2 Adapter
    • 15016 Mack Bushing #10QK253
    • 15018 Volvo Bushing #20908841
    • 15020 International Pin and Bushing #3533233C1
    • 15025 Hino Bushing #52067
    • 15031 Freightliner and Sterling Pin and Bushing #16-14603-000
    • 15032 Freightliner Bushing #680-322-01-50 Adapter
  • Rear Suspension Adapters
    • 15012 Peterbilt Air Trac Pin and Bushing Adapter
    • 15017 Western Star Pin and Bushing #16-18213-000
    • 15030 Freightliner Airliner/Peterbilt Low Air Leaf Pin and Bushing Adapter
    • 15033 Daimler Lightweight Extra Duty Suspension Pin and Bushing #16-18213-000
    • 15042 Hendrickson FIREMAAX/PRIMAAX Bushing Pin and Bushing Adapter
    • 15080 Neway Bushing #90008149
    • 15081 New AD Front Pivot Bushing Pin and Bushing Adapter
  • Trailer Suspension Adapters
    • 15040 Hendrickson Intraax Tri-Functional Wide Bushing Adapter
    • 15041 Hendrickson Vantraax Tri-Functional Narrow Bushing Adapter
    • 15050 Meritor Tri-Functional Bushing Adapter
  • Additional Adapters
    • 15060 5th Wheel Bracket Pin Adapter
  • Adapter Storage Cases
    • 15998 Front Suspension Adapter Storage Case
    • 15999 Front/Rear Suspension Adapter Storage Case