Universal Hub Puller for Steer, Drive, & Trailer Axle

Universal Hub Puller


  • For Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Fast Removal of Front Steer, Drive, & Trailer Hubs
  • Includes Most Common Stud Adapter
  • High-grade Steel

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Model No.:10903
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Warranty2 Years

Designed to safely and effectively remove even the most seized hubs as a result of corrosion. Use the tool on front steer, drive axle, and trailer hubs. Very easy and simple to set up and operate. The 10903 makes quick work of seized hubs including ConMet Preset, Dana/Spicer LMS, and Meritor Unitized. It also includes the two most common 22mm (10630) stud adapters.

You can also choose from six unique adapter sets.

Available Wheel Stud Adapters

  • 10610 1 1/8" Right Hand Thread
  • 10615 1 1/8" Left Hand Thread
  • 10620 3/4" Right Hand Thread
  • 10625 3/4" Left Hand Thread
  • 10630 22mm Right Hand Thread (Included in 10903 Universal Hub Puller Kit)
  • 10635 M20 Right Hand Thread

Heavy Duty Universal Hub Puller 10903 (.14 Sec)

Tiger Tool Heavy Duty Universal Hub Puller 10903 (.33 Sec)

Universal Hub Puller Adapter

Universal Hub Puller Adapter