Stainless Steel Axle & Chrome ABS Plastic Nut Cover Kit

5 inch Miter Plain


  • Fits Most 20", 22.5" & 24.5" Wheels
  • Fits All 11.25" Bolt Spacing
  • 60 Push On 33mm Nut Covers
  • Hubcaps: Stainless Steel
  • Nut Covers: Chrome ABS Plastic



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Model No.:THUB-C3
ManufacturerTrux Accessories

Complete Axle Cover Kits

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These complete wheel hubcaps & nut cover kits are an essential accessory for your axles. With these kits you can improve the look of your truck. Designed to fit on most 20", 22.5" & 24.5" Wheels. Also fits on all 11.25" Bolt Circle Wheels. The hubcaps are made of stainless steel while the nut covers are chrome ABS plastic. ABS Plastic is High Impact, Light-Weight and Flexible

If your hubcap doesn't fit and you are sure that the cap is supposed to fit. Do not hit the cap or force it to fit because you're gonna put a dent in your cap. What you need to do is to adjust the axle housing nuts, turn it so that a more even number of points and flat sides of the nut are facing the outside of the hub. You might have to turn every single nut or just one to get the cap to snap on.

THUB-C3 Includes:

  • 2 Front 6 Notch Universal Stainless Steel Axle Covers
  • 4 Rear 8" Inner Diameter Stainless Steel Axle Covers
  • 60 Chrome ABS Plastic Push On 33mm Nut Covers

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