War-Lok Intermodal Barrier Container Lock

War-Lok King Pin Lock


  • Completely Encases & Protects The Hasp
  • Fits Most Intermodal Containers
  • Cost-effective Shipping Container Security Solution
  • Forced Attacks Resistant

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Tax:PaidWeight:6 lbs.
Model No.:IR-20KD
Dimension6" x 6" x 3"
Weight5 lbs.
Returns30 days w/ 15% Restocking Fee No Return on Custom Keyed Alike Locks
MaterialCast Steel
MaintenanceOne spray of Slick 50 one lube every 90 days, or when needed. WD40 is NOT recommended and will have an adverse affect on your lock.
Optional UseReusable

War-Lok Cylinder Disks:

War-Lok Cylinder Disks

War-Lok Intermodal Barrier Container Lock IR-20

The Reusable Intermodal Container Lock fits the rear swing door latch mechanisms of most Intermodal Containers and completely encases the hasp. The lock's internal is completely hidden away from a would-be thief and it is also made with 9 cylindrical disks. It is specifically designed to withstand attempted forced entry into a container.

The key is not needed to lock the IR-20 securely to the Intermodal Container.

The lock was created for container security. Containers are usually stacked very closely together and on top of each other. The old design had the lock sticking out more than necessary and the lock would often times cause issue when unstacking the containers. Sometimes containers would break the lock as well as the hasp while being moved around so the design was changed. The key hole placement was moved to make it easier for the person unlocking the lock, which is usually placed very high up. At the time of the redesign the key type was changed over to our typical warlok key, as well.

For larger orders, the IR-20 Cast Steel Barrier Intermodal Container Lock can be keyed individually or alike with or without a master key.

Note: The locking mechanism has been moved to the bottom to facilitate container stacking and moving. The IR-20 does NOT fit Standard Tractor Trailer Doors, nor smaller Travel & Cargo Trailers. It will also NOT fit the Utility Brand Trailers. You will need the TL-10 for Standard Tractor Trailer Swing Door Security.

War-Lok Locks are Pick Resistant, Drill Resistant, Bump Key Proof and Key Duplication is virtually Impossible.


  • IR-20: War-Lok Heavy Duty Shipping Container Swing Door Lock
  • Pair of War-Lok Keys


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  • Multiple Kits can be keyed alike or individually. $3/Key for Keying Alike.
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