6"Dia. Turn Out Plain Chrome Exhaust Stack

6 inch Turn Out Plain Made in America Chrome Stacks


  • Triplex Nickel for Adhesion & Corrosion Resistance
  • Highest Quality Super Premium Chrome
  • Mirror-like Finish
  • Plated with Triple Nickel and Double Chrome
  • Polished Smooth Surface

NOT "Made in USA". High Quality Super Premium Stacks are Chrome plated with Triple Nickel and Double Chrome.

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ManufacturerAmerican Chrome
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Exhaust Stack Tip & End

turn out stack

Choose the length of your stack from 36" to 60"! Make your truck look great with this High Quality Super Premium Turn Out Chrome Exhaust Stack. Perfect for your truck with it's long lasting shine and rust/corrosion resistance. The stack is plated with triple nickel and double chrome.

The exhuast stack uses a flawless material thats meets a standard twice that of ASTM specifications. The stack material undergoes multistep polishing for a smooth surface, a multiple-pass cleaning treatment, a three layers of nickel plating for improved adhesion and corrosion resistance and, finally, a layer of double chrome.

Available Exhaust Stack Lengths:

  • 36" to 60" (3 to 5 ft.)

Note: Plain end has a 6" outside diameter.

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